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A family tradition passed down through the generations topped with a love for the Canine Breeds whether it be English Bulldogs, French bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers or Neapolitan Mastiffs Our Primary focus is on quality.

 Wisteria Kennels specializes in the breeding, training and importation of Elite Performance Canines of British, Italian, Ukrainian, & German influence for the selective Show Ring/ Field Trails, Gun Dogs, ADA or Companion Pet. We strive to import only the world's best bloodlines. The ancestry is superior, proven and it shows both in and out of the competition circuit.

 Our Dogs, whether they are puppies, started or finished, are evaluated in health genetics, character, temperament and their performance ability.

We go above and beyond and test at the highest levels.

Here at Wisteria Kennels, we strive to produce the best canine breed standard, with health and structure at the forefront when breeding before anything else. Wisteria Kennels is committed and always striving to improve the future generations that are to come. We are always looking towards the future. What we do here at Wisteria Kennels this is not only our passion, but it is our lifestyle we are committed to them throughout their life span. We are quietly nestled on four acres in the countryside of the Midwest within the heart of America in a park like setting, with plenty of room for the running of the bulls.

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